Live Messaging

Want to Experience What EngageCRM Can Do for Your Business?

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Want to Experience What EngageCRM Can Do for Your Business?

See How EngageCRM Works: Text DEMO to (760) 990-7900



What is Live Messaging?

This is the most important texting feature EngageCRM offers.

Live text message conversations allow you to communicate with your contacts with text messaging like you would with your friends or family. You can answer questions, teach, and start conversations.

(More on how this is useful)

And, with the EngageCRM Messenger App, you no longer have to be tied to your desk as you open up the ability for your customers to communicate with your business via SMS and phone.

Your team can respond to text messages sent to your business number in real time, all while preserving transparency as every text message is saved to the contact record in Engage CRM.

How Folks Are Using Live Texting

Use Case #1

At the end of an Automated Text Message Conversation, I ask an open ended question that will initiate a potential sales conversation.

The live text message chat kicks in when they answer and I can see the context of the automated conversation to understand what they are talking about. Plus, I can handle several text message conversations at once, but only one phone call at a time.

This is a huge leverage point.

From Broadcast to Conversation

Send a text message broadcast to contacts who have opted into texting with a message that is a conversation starter.

When the contact replies to that message, my team members are notified and pick up the conversation. This either leads to setting an appointment to speak by phone or the contact ends up calling right away.

How Folks Are Using the Live Messenger Phone App

Get Notified Instantly

When a live text message comes in, my team members and I are notified with a push notification on my phone and smart watch.

The first one to it claims the contact and picks up the conversation. It's so smooth.

Do Almost Everything in the Palm of Your Hand

From the iPhone app, I can look up contacts from my Engage CRM app and see basic information, send a text message from my EngageCRM number, or call them from that number!

Send Time Sensitive Information from Your Phone

I'm able to send a broadcast to segments of my database right from my smart phone!

This is great for time sensitive notices and updates that I want contacts to view.

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