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Want to Experience What Engage CRM Can Do for Your Business?

See How Engage CRM Works: Text DEMO to (760) 990-7900


What is the Broadcaster?

The Broadcaster sends either a SMS or MMS to contacts from a saved search.

This feature is most valuable as a way to send a timely announcement to a segment of your list. If you have an event or upcoming product/feature launch, let your most valuable customers know through a quick broadcast.

A Broadcast can also be used to engage in conversations with a large group all at once, versus a one off text message from a campaign.

How Folks Are Using the Broadcaster

Get Important Information to a Group

I'm able to select a group of contacts using a saved search and send them a text message. I usually use this for getting out very important messages that I really need my contacts to view.

Event Sign-Up

Sending a message to a group of contacts about an upcoming event they are interested in and provide a link to sign up for the event. I even use a trackable link for that page to see who is actually interested.

Send a Personalized Mass Message

Sending a one-off text to multiple contacts using merge fields to make it feel personal.

Promote to Contacts with Similar Interests

Send a mass text to a group with common tags or interests to promote a service you offer they would be interested in.

This could be used with with a trackable link to gauge click/interest rate then those interested could be further entered into campaigns for further automation and nurture.

Be cautious with this, however. Don't use the broadcaster to continuously promote. This will frustrate contacts and be counter-productive.

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