Campaign Messages

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Want to Experience What Engage CRM Can Do for Your Business?

See How Engage CRM Works: Text DEMO to (760) 990-7900


What is Campaign Messaging?

With Engage CRM Campaign Messaging, you can send scheduled, automated follow up text messages from EngageCRM's Campaigns.

Send either a 160 character SMS message or a 1,600 character MMS message in follow up campaigns.

With MMS, you can send 1 to 10 images, contact cards, or audio files seamlessly.

Employ multi-step conversations and also tag and start campaigns based on different responses (i.e; "yes", "no") so your conversations are personal, but still simple and automated.

How Folks Are Using Campaign SMS

Make Sure Your Message is Seen

In my nurture sequence, I have a video that I want to deliver that is critical that the contact views before I move them to the next step.

Because I want to make sure they get the message, I use a text message, but unless I use a Trackable Link I can't tell if they clicked my link. So, I use the Trackable Link to set a tag when the contact taps the link in my text message.

Then I use that tag to trigger the goal that moves the contact to the next sequence in my campaign.

Start Conversations

Send a conversation starting message designed to engage the prospect in dialog that can turn into a sales conversation or help identify the concerns the prospect has to further refine the type of nurture campaign they should be receiving.

Remind to Get a Higher Show-up Rate

Send a reminder text message to an upcoming appointment. The appointment could be a webinar, a phone call or in person visit.

Send Alerts

I use campaign messages to send out an alert when orders are ready or products have come in.

Communicate with Your Team

I use campaign SMS to send messages to my agents internally for notifications.

How Folks Are Using Campaign MMS

Increase Recognition in Their Phone

When someone gives me a business card, I use the Engage CRM app to import the card info. I then set a tag that kicks off a MMS with my vCard attached and a message that invites them to save my contact information to their phone for quick reference in the future.

Because my vCard includes my photo or my business logo, next time I call or text my name and picture shows up making it easier for them to recognize me.

Directly Send Videos

If I have a really important resource, be it a video or pdf or blog post that I need them to view, I'll record a short video that I text them with my message and Trackable Link.

The video is easy for them to view and my click thru on the link goes up!

Personally Connect

When it's really important for a contact to feel connected to my team, I have the text message include a photo of the team member that is sending the message so that there is greater connection and it feels more personal. It also makes it so I can send 1,600 characters in a single text.

Stand Out with an Image

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, so when I have a really good image that illustrates what I'm trying to communicate in my message I'll include it. My message stands out and I get a better response!

Connect with a Personalized Video

I created a saved search where my coaches could go in on a daily basis and see the new contacts on that list for the day.

They can then select a short video greeting that contact with a personalized message and send it to them. This way, my coaches have a personal touch with each of their new leads that come in.

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