Web Dialer

With most CRMs, managing your contacts is the goal. With Engage, the goal is to help you convert your contacts to more revenue for your business.

One way we do that is by helping you to incorporate our Web Dialer into your sales and conversion process.

Companies that call their leads generate 3x more revenue per lead than those that just use, email, text or direct mail alone.

Calling your leads/prospects from preset call lists is fast and simple. After each call, you can choose an outcome to automate additional follow up via SMS, email, direct mail and phone.

Choose a list. Connect with a prospect or client. One-click outcome and move to the next call automatically.

With automated voicemails you can leave messages quickly.

Using the customizable outcomes, you can start any sort of lead follow up or conversion campaign.

What sets Engage apart is the ability to customize the content of emails in your automated follow up after you finish a phone call. Leverage the power of automation with the power of personalization and customization.

Did your prospect mention something about their child’s upcoming basketball game? Quickly drop a question about how the game went in one of your automated follow up emails and wow your prospect without any extra effort.

Desktop Dialer

Record Calls

Before using this feature make sure you check with laws in your area on recording phone calls and give appropriate disclosure. To activate tap the microphone icon. When it’s green, it’s ON!

Auto Voicemail

When you hear the beep on a contact’s voicemail, press the voicemail icon and the voicemail you’ve selected on Voice Mail will be left and the call will hang up when it’s done playing your message. This gives you time to get on to the next call!

Outbound Number

Select from any of your account’s phone numbers by tapping on the number under the Outbound # label. If you are making calls from numbers outside the United States or Canada, be sure to select the appropriate¬†Country.

Auto Dial Next Contact

When you finish setting the notes and outcome of your call the dialer can automatically call the next contact on the list! Turn on this feature by tapping the phone with the arrow circling around it. When the icon is green, it’s ON!

iPad Dialer App

Effectively using down time on the go now just got easier. With the iPad and Android tablet dialer app you or your sales team can get your calls done from any of your pre-set call lists.

Some users enjoy using the tablet version of the dialer so much, they even use it when they are at their home or office and have access to their desktop or laptop.