Phone and SMS Solution

Live SMS Messenger

For those that want to have more personal communication with their prospect and client base, we have provided for your the live messenger. This allows you to communicate through your Engage phone number and have every text message recorded in their contact’s record. Track your entire teams interactions via sms with ease. There is also an iPhone application for texting directly from your phone!

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Built-In Dialer

If you take advantage of our The Ultimate account, you get access to our in-app dialer which has been built into your account from the ground up. With ability ranging from calling saved lead lists to clicking on phone numbers anywhere in the system and having a call initiated, the dialer does it all. There is even a dialer app for your Tablet!

In-Bound Call Tracking

Never miss a call again! Engage’s call tracking system allows you to track and record every call that comes in and organizes each caller’s data into individualized records. It’s been created to make managing inbound calls simple and efficient. Bye-bye post-it notes.

Automated SMS

There are 327 million cell phones in use in the United States alone! If you haven’t been communicating via SMS, now is your chance. With Engage’s Automated SMS conversations and Outbound SMS messaging, you can easily communicate with your prospects and customers on their phones without ever having to pick up yours.

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