Text Message Lead Capture

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Want to Experience What Engage CRM Can Do for Your Business?

See How Engage CRM Works: Text DEMO to (760) 990-7900


What is Text Message Lead Capture?

Utilize automated text messaging conversations to allow prospects or customers to engage in a conversation where you can gather additional contact information.

This will make it easier to better market your goods or services.

What would this look like? What kind of information can be gathered? How will this help you better market your goods or services?

How Folks Are Using Text Message Lead Capture

Lead Capture from the Stage

When I speak at events, I include a keyword and phone number text message call to action.

I make sure it's on my slides for at least 10 minutes and I walk the audience through what they will experience and what they will get and then give them a minute to text in.

I usually get 90% or more of the room to text in and they end up providing their mobile phone number, email address, and name.

When they get to the email step of the conversation, I use the tag that gets set on the contact to trigger automation that delivers the promised resource.

Capture Information from Social Media Posts

When I want to capture leads from social media posts, I'll include a keyword and phone number and simple instructions and I end up getting leads from my post.

It's super powerful because the prospect doesn't have to click a link and leave the social network and it takes 2 seconds to set up. Compared to the webform, it's much easier and captures a mobile phone number EVERY TIME!

Use Keywords to Market and Gather Information

I like to use specific keywords for available properties I am selling. Texting in would gather their name and email, then trigger a campaign that sends an email containing more information about the property.

Send Promo Codes

I use keywords when attending events so that people can easily get a promo code for a future session.

Lead Capture in a Snap with QR Codes

I use QR codes in my brochures and on banners at events where I have a booth.

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