Incoming Call Handling

Want to Experience What Engage CRM Can Do for Your Business?

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Want to Experience What Engage CRM Can Do for Your Business?

See How Engage CRM Works: Text DEMO to (760) 990-7900


What is Incoming Call Handling?

Not only does your Engage CRM phone number allow for text messaging, but it may be called, making your business even more accessible.

You can then direct the caller's experience in the way that fits your needs.

How do you do this? What would an example of different call handling options look like?

Incoming callers are added to Engage CRM, tags can be applied, and recordings of calls may be added to the contact record.

Why are recordings of calls important?

How Folks Are Using Incoming Call Handling

Open Communication Among Your Team

Because we use Slack, we set up a calls channel, and every time a call comes in, it logs a message into the calls channel with the Engage CRM Contact ID, the time they called, and their name.

This allows us to make sure that calls don't slip through the cracks and everyone on the team can see if a call they were expecting came in.

Before, incoming calls were a black box and the only way to know who called was to go back and look at statements with the phone company.

Direct Your Calls Based on Hours

Incoming Call Handling allows you to transfer to your office number during work hours and after hours you can have it direct your call straight to a voicemail integrated with Engage CRM so that you can be notified of the voicemail.

Control Your Follow-Up with Calls

Set up your call handling with a call tree so that the contact can choose to speak to sales or support based on what option they choose. Then, tag them based on what option they choose and follow up with the appropriate campaign.

If they choose customer support, we can automate a feedback survey text or email a couple hours after their call.

Keep Your Team Updated

Create a call group in the team members page and then using the incoming call handling to forward to all those agents at the same time.

Because groups and team members can have custom hold music and voicemail, if no one is able to answer, the caller can be directed to voicemail that is connected to Engage CRM to insure that the team is made aware of the missed call and message.

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