Call Outcomes

Want to Experience What Engage CRM Can Do for Your Business?

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Want to Experience What Engage CRM Can Do for Your Business?

See How Engage CRM Works: Text DEMO to (760) 990-7900


What are Call Outcomes?

Each business phone call has a few most likely outcomes. These outcomes can be connected to goals in your Engage CRM Campaigns, allowing for detailed automation to occur in response to phone call outcomes.

This feature super charges outbound calls with Engage CRM and creates more personalized follow-up with your contacts.

What are different outcomes? Give an example of what this could look like (different outcomes and actions after that).

How Folks Are Using Call Outcomes

Modify Call Schedules and Engagement

When my sales team calls leads, there are a few possible outcomes, so I set those up in Engage CRM and associate a tag to each outcome.

Then I use those tags in campaign builder to trigger outcome-specific automation, like advancing a call count with each voicemail outcome, or removing them from the list with a not interested outcome.

I use call counts to modify the schedule of when a lead should be called again based on my call schedule. I also mix up the emails, text messages, or even direct mail I send when I leave a voicemail to feel like it's being personally generated for them, but in reality, my sales guy is just clicking the outcome button and moving on to the next call.

Tag Contacts and Change Their Experience

I tag contacts based on the outcome of a phone call, then have the tag trigger automation in Engage CRM.

Personalize Future Contact

Apply tags based on level of interest and contact to use for appropriate follow up, nurture, or automation.

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