Automated Email

Email marketing has been around for a VERY LONG TIME (in internet years!).


Email is still a media that you should use, but honestly there isn’t much to get excited about. What’s important to know here is that Engage utilizes email in it’s automated marketing campaigns.


That means you can send multiple emails in a timed sequence to contacts in your database. Email alone is proving to be less and less effective. However, email coupled with SMS, a phone call or direct mail is VERY POWERFUL and gives hope to this digital media.


Make sure when you’re sending automated marketing to engage your prospects or customers that you don’t do email alone. Add other media channels like direct mail or SMS to give tired old email that shot in the arm it needs!

Email is an important part of a balanced multi-media follow up campaign

I had a friend tell me a story about his interaction with PPC guru Perry Marshall. He had been on Perry's email list for quite some time and had actually started to mindlessly delete Perry's emails.

Then one day he received a piece of mail from him in his actual mail box. The direct mail piece was promoting an event Perry was hosting in a couple months. While my friend couldn't attend the event, because he got the direct mail piece when Perry sent the next email, my friend opened it and ended up doing some business with Perry.

Don't let multi-media follow up's power escape you!