SMS Conversations

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Powerful Lead Generation and Automated Communication through SMS

Using SMS is an absolute must in today’s world and in business the need is just as prevalent! Engage contains┬áthe most cutting edge SMS tools available by our constant desire to push the innovation of the mobile world. Some of the core features of our SMS service are:


1. Automated SMS conversations – Access to create unlimited automated conversations that can be used from Lead Generation to Client Communication.


2. Track every interaction – Track every engagement from your leads and be able to identify your most engaged audience.


3. Follow Up effortlessly – Without your interaction, kick off automated follow up campaigns that can be customized from the ground up to help you show up in ways your competition can’t.


4. Live SMS – When your prospects or clients have questions that go beyond your automated conversations they automatically roll over into live SMS chat with your team.

Why do we use local or toll free phone numbers instead of “short codes”?

Here are a few reasons why we switched in 2011 from using short codes to using 10 digit phone numbers for text lead capture:

1. Unless you are paying $1,500-$3,000 a month for a short code, you share it with other businesses.


2. With short codes you are limited to a few keywords, while the best keywords are usually already taken.


3. With limited short code keywords, you’re often forced to use a “word” that doesn’t exist and is often “auto-corrected” and difficult for the prospect to text correctly.


4. When a prospect misspells your keyword with a short code, you lose the lead. It’s a shared number, so there’s no way to know who the leads are for when they are not associated with an assigned keyword.


5. We’ve tested from the stage to crowds of 50-400 attendees and found younger audience members were accustomed to short codes, but the 30 and older crowd had problems understanding; “Where is the rest of the number? You only gave me 6 digits.”

Short Code: a 5 to 6 digit number used to blast text messages in high volume as well as receive keywords.

Text SMS to (760) 990-7900 to try it out

So why do we love using 10 digit phone numbers?


1. Your prospects and customers already know how to text to normal (10 digit) phone numbers.


2. With Engage you own the number, so every text message to your number creates a lead for you… no lost leads for misspelled keywords.


3. There are over 700K words in the English language and all except a few reserved by the carriers can be used for creating automated lead capture, meaning you don’t have to compromise with funky keywords your prospects will struggle with.


4. You can use a local or a toll free number for text messaging for only $5/mo per phone number.


5. With Engage, you can automate a conversation and collect more than just a name or email address. Your only limit is your imagination…


6. Your prospects and customers can call you on your number too!