Engage Dialer App for iPad/Android

  1. Login with the same login you use to access Engage on the web.
  2. Select a List.
  3. Tap a contact to view recent notes and tags and view available call outcomes.
  4. Tap a phone number to start calling!
  5. When you finish the call enter your notes, set an appointment date and time if appropriate and tap the outcome of the phone call.
  6. Rinse and repeat!

Record Calls

Before using this feature make sure you check with laws in your area on recording phone calls and give appropriate disclosure. To activate tap the microphone icon. When it’s green, it’s ON!

Auto Viocemail

When you hear the beep on a contact’s voicemail, press the voicemail icon and the voicemail you’ve selected on Voice Mail will be left and the call will hang up when it’s done playing your message. This gives you time to get on to the next call!

Outbound Number

Select from any of your account’s phone numbers by tapping on the number under the Outbound # label. If you are making calls from numbers outside the United States or Canada, be sure to select the appropriate¬†Country.

Auto Dial Next Contact

When you finish setting the notes and outcome of your call the dialer can automatically call the next contact on the list! Turn on this feature by tapping the phone with the arrow circling around it. When the icon is green, it’s ON!