The Messaging Connection


Discover How to Connect with Prospects and Customers for Greater Profit

In the latest book by Ryan Chapman you'll discover the profit hidden in effectively communicating with contacts.

The entire marketing automation community is overly dependent on email marketing and as a result is missing out on major opportunities right in front of them!

In this book you'll learn:

  • How to create more revenue and profits from the contacts you already have by connecting with them as people.
  • Classic mistakes that we've seen folks make while processing 70,000,000+ text messages.
  • Strategies that work to connect with contacts.
  • Fundamentals of messaging that build deeper relationships with prospects and customers.
  • How to capture contact information with texting.
  • How to initiate conversations that lead to conversions.
  • How to increase phone conversation rates.
  • How to build instant trust with texting.

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